Cashmere History

Cashmere Media was born in 2003.   ///   We make television, cinema and digital commercials.   ///  Our first TV ad was for Renault.   ///   Former Vice President Al Gore hired us to produce content for channel “Current TV”.   ///   Our first office was in Temple Bar and we shared it with Marty Wright.   ///   We won an ICAD in 2008 for Ireland’s first ever online series for Toyota called “Meet Mike”.   ///   We have filmed worldwide for various clients.   ///   Our favourite place to film is London.   ///   Some of our clients include Heineken, Littlewoods, Tesco, Lucozade, Ryanair, Audi and Google.   ///   We pride ourselves on the high quality of our work.   ///   Our current office is in Bond Street Studios.   ///   Cashmere Media have been called The Hardest Working Production Company in Ireland.   ///   We have great coffee in our office.