Graham Halpin

He is a director.   ///   Graham has a degree in fine art.   ///   He has directed online content for brands such Mooju and The Forbidden Fruit Festival.   ///   He has worked in the past as an art director on numerous Cashmere Media projects.   ///   He likes old movies and rainy days.   ///   The Empire Strikes Back is his favorite film.   ///   His hero is George Lucas.   ///   His favorite book is 1984 by George Orwell.   ///   He loves writing about himself almost as much as he loves getting his picture taken.   ///   He can often be found watching Catch Me If You Can for the millionth time.   ///   He has many talents and most of them revolve around knowledge of the Simpsons.   ///   He believes that McDonalds happy meals will actually make you happy.   ///   Graham has directed many music videos and is passionate about this medium.   ///   Graham believes in working closely with the client to create a piece of work that is consistent with their needs and brand.   ///   Graham likes to laugh – he comes from a family of loud laughs so he apologies in advance.   ///   He is a film nerd and is proud of that.   ///   Graham is a Godfather to a little girl called Lily – who is going to save the world some day – fact!

Selected Works

Green Isle – The O’Malleys

My Ireland Family Heritage