Joined Cashmere Media as work experience 7 years ago.    ///   Used to play guitar in a band.  ///  Is a terrible Guitarist.    ///   Has directed for brands such as Clayton, Ryanair, Just Eat and Bulmers.    ///   Owns over 600 DVDs and still can never find anything to watch.    ///   Obsessed with watching bad movies.    ///   Worked in the Camera Department on Commercials and Feature films for over 6 years.    ///   Crashed his brothers Motorbike when he was 12.   ///   Realized he wanted to be behind the camera after watching the making of Pulp Fiction.   ///   Once tried to sell his hair.    ///   Has a pet Doberman named Kaiser.    ///   Made 3 short film when he was 16.    ///   Released a single with his band but only sold 58 copies.    ///   Studied in Wolverhampton.    ///  Former child actor.    ///   Once Walked in on a sleeping Mark Wahlberg.    ///   Worked in a cinema for 7 years.    ///   Loves to dance but never in public.    ///   Still watches cartoons.    ///   Likes to build stuff.   ///  Finds Pre-Production meetings the funnest part of a job.