Conor Maloney

Director, Filmmaker   ///   Conor was born in Dublin.   ///   He has been working in the media industry for over 20 years.   ///   He won an ICAD for Irelands first ever digital series.   ///   He has worked with brands such as Littlewoods, Lucozade, Renault, Toyota, Audi, Nokia, T-Mobile, Just Eat, Heineken and Tesco.   ///   He worked with John Hurt on his sci-fi piece “Ayamé” and while doing so, he heard stories on the making of the film “Alien” that he had never heard before.   ///   He quit drinking coffee and replaced it with tea.   ///   He was commissioned by former Vice President Al Gore to make content for his channel Current TV.   ///   He was given his first camera, an Olympus Trip 35 by his parents when he was 6 and still uses it today.  ///   He is a self-taught cameraman and editor.   ///   He was the only Irish filmmaker accepted in the 2013 Montreal film festival for his short film “Blink”.   ///   He loves all things Kubrick, Fincher, Scott, Speilberg, Carpenter, Nolan and Villeneuve.    ///   He had his beard pulled by actress Claudia Cardinale.    ///  He has been a judge of the Sky Arts Academy Scholarship programme.    ///   He is a huge Elvis fan and has been to Graceland numerous times.    ///   He loves dogs and wants a Corgi.   ///   He still uses VHS and has an extensive collection.    ///   He prefers the snow over the sun.    ///   He has done extensive charity work for the National Cancer Society, The Rape Crisis Centre, the N.C.B.I. and the Special Olympics.   ///  He still cries at the ending of E.T.   ///   He has had his work screened in cinemas across the world.  ///  He was a hotel cleaner for 7 years.    ///   He watches Blade Runner once a month.   ///   He loves to spray paint things with black and yellow stripes.   ///   He was a judge on Irelands first ever sci-fi film festival.    ///   He loves musicals.    /// He has had his work projected on walls in China.   ///   He wants a pair of Nike Vandals from the film “The Terminator”.  ///   He designs posters with his wife.  ///   He drives a 97D Toyota Corolla.   ///   He has made numerous music videos.   ///   He loves Tom Hanks.   ///   He wants to be The Road Warrior.   ///   He never stops working.

Selected works

Bulmers – Time Bears Fruit

Eddie Rockets – No Finer Diner

V By Very – Autum/Winter

Coca-Cola – Meltdown

Clara Belle – City I Love You

Wild Youth – Long Time No See

The Skatuesques – Back In The Day

RCC – What Happens Next Matters

Lucozade – Find Your Flow

Woodies – Supergarden Fan

DIT – Change Of Mind

Ayamé – Obsessed

Tesco – Lunch Tip’s

Core Media – Interference